Upper body pulling strength exercise

Building muscles in the upper body is aim for many athletes and trainees. There’s nothing easier than that – find a bar and get started. You can practice it in the gym, at home or go out to the playground in the park. No additional equipment is needed.

Vertical pulling is a universal exercise to build muscles and increase the strength of the back and biceps. The variety of exercises is huge, you only need to change the grip of the bar.
If you are a beginner or you are training yourself, you should start with the basic exercises whit different grip.

  • Pull ups – In this case, the palms of the hands are forward, facing away from you, commonly at width just slightly larger than shoulder width.

  • Chin ups – the palms of the hands are facing you on the width of the shoulders.

There are other grip options, but you need more strength and there is possibility of injuries.

Both type of exercises target the back (specifically the lats) and biceps, but the way they do it is slightly different. Pull ups typically use shoulder adduction when the elbows go down and back and may hit your back harder. Chin ups use shoulder extension and typically hit biceps a bit harder than pull ups.
Grip width is important too. The narrower your grip is, the more it will train your biceps. The wider the grip, the less it will train your biceps.

There is no right and wrong way of training the back and biceps – it depends on the physical condition of the athlete, the exercises should be done carefully avoiding injuries.
If you are an absolute beginner and vertical pulling is difficult to you, just try to hold as far as you can the body in upper position. The strength will come with the practice.
If you’ve already have some experience and muscle strength, there are many options:
1. Standard dials – place the palms on the shoulder width and pull up as the chest should approach the bar and raise the chin above it. Tighten your back muscles and use them to lift the body.
2. Pull up with wide grip – place the palms slightly larger than the shoulder width. Keep your body tight without swinging it.
3. Pull up behind the neck – with wider or normal grip, lift the body so that the bar remains behind your neck.
4. Pull up/Chin up + abdomen pressed – do your pull ups/chin ups. When the body moves up take the legs to the chest. Thus, besides your back and biceps, you will also train the abdominal muscles.
Take time for regular workouts and the results will not be late.

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