Nutrition and science

The issue of nutrition in sport has always been of interest to people, but only in recent years with the development of nutritagenetics the topic has been the subject of in-depth scientific research. Now food and diet are considered to be one of the most important factors for success in sport.
Nutrigenics and nutrigenomics are defined as the science of the influence of genes on the body’s response to the diet and the role of nutrients and bioactive nutrients in gene expression.
What is the practical benefit of this? If you are an athlete and you work hard for months with a perfect training program and the results are unsatisfactory, science can help. According to scientists, 50 to 70% of the sport results depend by the genetic potential of the athlete. Genetic studies can determine the exact response of the body to the diet and thus improve physical condition and reduce injuries.
According to Daily Mail, last year, players of FC Barcelona have been DNA tested and for each of them it has been prepared personal training program according to the genes. It may seem fantastic, but team doctor Ricard Pruna studied each player for a possibility of muscle injuries and then set diet and fitness programme for each player

Similar research has recently been done in Bulgaria. The information from them can create a highly efficient training and nutritional regime to achieve excellent results in sports.

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