1. The website www.diassport.com is an E-commerce store, owned by Diaz Sport LTD.

2. Website offers products which the company Diaz Sport Ltd. imports, distributes or manufactures itself.

3. The website provides information enabling online ordering, purchasing and delivery of products offered by Diaz Sport LTD.

4. These terms and conditions give information to consumers rights, restrictions and responsibilities when using the information and the services available on the website. Any user visiting the website agrees to comply with these rules of these terms and conditions from the time of entering the website to his departure.

5. Diaz Sport Ltd. reserves the right to make changes in these terms and conditions without prior announcement.


1. Order can be made from various sections on the website where offers of products are posted along with a description. Any product or service offers a brief and detailed description of the item, the manufacturer’s name, photo, description and price.

2. The indicated price is for 1 item in lev inclding VAT. The price of the product does not include the shipping price.

3. While ordering, the user indicates the basic parameters from the given in the website options. The user must indicate the name, address, phone and an e-mail for confirmation of the order carried out by him to be able to receive his item.

not completing the fields for feedback or publication of false, incorrect or inaccurate information does not bind the company with responsibility of execution and delivery.

4. Completing a purchase order is possible through two stages:

a. You can pick the desired number of items in the box number and then click on the graphic sign cart. This operation leads to a change in the value box number, which means that the products are added to the shopping cart by the client. It can be seen from the right side of the page.

b. Click on the “Buy” button and fill in the data for delivery.

5. The user undertakes to express their consent to your order and confirm all the details on it after the operator Diaz Sport Ltd. You can contact us by phone or e-mail during the business hours of the company.

6. The user saves that communication electronically to satisfy its requirements forced by to the law, and the client accepts that this is the equivalent of the information transmitted on paper or verbally by phone.

7. By pressing the “Buy” button, the user performs an action that is volatile, binding him with the force of a contract – it (the consumer) and Diaz Sport Ltd., respectively described it in this document, the conditions and rules of the Law on Consumer Protection and trade rules (ZZPPT) will apply.

8. The conditions for delivery of the goods are specified on the website.


1. Delivery is made by courier hired by Diaz Sport Ltd to an address specified by the user. User is obliged to provide access and contact person to accept and pay the ordered products. If the customer (or a person authorized by him) is not found at the agreed delivery time and can not be contacted on the phone at the time of delivery, the shipment is returned to the office of the courier to the consumer’s request.

2. If the user has hired another person to accept the consignment on his behalf, it (user originally committed contract) is not entitled to object to the delivery and return shipment.

3. Delivery costs are borne by the consumer, the price depends on its location and the time frame for delivery depending on the scheme courier. If the user requests delivery within Bulgaria and the purchase price is 500 lev, the delivery is at the expense of Diaz Sport LTD.

4. Diaz Sport Ltd or a representative of the courier company will notify the user by phone or e-mail, if there are unexpected circumstances prevent timely shipment.

DISCLAIMER of the goods supplied

1.the user may refuse the ordered and delivered products in the following cases:

a) the apparent discrepancy of the delivered product ordered by the user, which can be detected with a simple overview of the product;

b) the product has undergone defect during transport;

c) the price at delivery does not meet the previously agreed price;

d) did not meet the deadline for delivery.

The above claims are valid at the time of receiving the order. Apart from the foregoing cases and outside the terms of Article 55 (paragraph 1) of ZZPPT, the customer has no right to refuse to pay and return-delivery. If you wish to do so is not entitled to a refund and bear the cost of the transport.

2. Where goods are replaced upon delivery and it is not possible to establish the time of delivery, the goods are replaced, having effected a view to establishing the non-compliance without the user to pay additional costs.

3. In latent defect of the product are valid warranty conditions of the product.

4. Under Article 55 (paragraph 1) of ZZPPT user can exercise their rights within 7 days, of course preserving the products in the form in which they were received without being used. The return of the products in this case at the expense of the consumer.