The company Molten Corporation was established in 1958 in Japan and covers four areas – production of sports balls, automotive parts, industrial products and development of new products.

At the moment the company has positioned itself as a leading world manufacturer for sports balls for volleyball, basketball, football and others under the brand MOLTEN.

MOLTEN е иновационна и технологична компания, която предоставя безупречно оборудване на атлетите. Топките MOLTEN се разработват на основата на ценности като непрестанно любопитство към откриване на изненадващи решения, перфекционизъм, който превръща идеала в реалност, професионализъм и разнообразие на продуктите.

Договорни партньори на MOLTEN са:


– FIBA Europe

– Olympic tournaments

– Most of the national federations.

MOLTEN’s motto is „for the real game”. The game is real when all the participants receive the best gear to relish their full potential and put their best efforts.